Rat glue trays

Rat Glue Trays


Rats reach an average size between 200 and 500 grams thanks to the amount of waste that they eat since they live in caves, landfills, sewers and drains, for this reason they are transmitters of bacterial and viral diseases. Our trap is effective thanks to its attractive smell of peanut butter, as well as being hygienic in contrast to the classic coup traps so it can be used in environments where children and pets are because our formula is non toxic.


  • Separate the traps.
  • Place the trap with the glue upward.
  • Throw away.


  • It doesn´t melt.
  • Easy to use and secure.
  • They resist temperatures of heat and cold.
  • If the trap get wet just let it dry and it recovers it’s effectiveness.
  • You don’t need to use baits.


  • 2 traps per package